Glow With Sugar K: One-stop Organic Peel Bar

Sugar K Organic Peel Bar is the first organic facial peel bar concept to launch in Singapore, created by Kew Organics’ founder Lily Kew. The main objective of such an innovative concept is to help time-strapped urbanites achieve a naturally-flawless complexion quickly, effectively and effortlessly. Inspired by the fast-rising trend of speedy facial peels in trendy New York City, the Sugar K Organic Peel can be administered in under 20 minutes while you hot-desk at the chic, minimalist bar counter area, scrolling through Facebook and occasionally taking Instagram stories.

“Hang on,” you say, “I use facial scrubs at home and go for facials regularly, why do I still need this?”

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OSIM uStiletto: A Snug Embrace

Processed with MOLDIV

If you’re:
An OL (office lady) who has to wear heels daily
2) Not an OL but vain like hell (wow that rhymes)

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[Review] Body Wellness: Oat Rice Spa Therapy

photo 12-4-17, 9 04 32 pm-2

With the impending wedding, I am getting increasingly flustered and frazzled and some days I feel like I need a break from work, life and wedding prep.

Recently, I revisited Body Wellness for a good spa retreat instead of the facials I usually go there for. So happy to be able to just let loose of all my jumbled thoughts and relax! 💆🏻

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The Herb Farm: Botanical Skincare Products

Handcrafted, 100% natural New Zealand skincare label – The Herb Farm – was founded in 1993 by herbalist Lynn Kirkland, who firmly believes that nature has amazing healing and beautifying properties. Instead of the chemical-loaded skincare products we slap on our face today, we can be sure that The Herb Farm’s products are au natural and harvested from herbs (homegrown by themselves) in New Zealand.

After attending their workshop a few weeks ago, I had first-hand experience in creating my very own face cream using their products.

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Chez Vous Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy


For those of you who have followed me long enough, you’ll know I’ve been through long and short hair styles, and I LOVE natural-looking hair. When I had long hair, I used to wear sponge curlers to bed every night so that I can have bouncy curls the next day without having to use any curling iron. Why do I need to curl, you ask? That’s because my hair is quite flat when it hangs straight and also because the ends are all frizzy. When I curl it, the frizz is less visible.

Now my hair is kinda mid-length – it has grown out since I cut it last November.

Remember this?

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[Review] Body Wellness – Cytol Cell Facial Treatment

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Body Wellness is one of the largest ladies’ day spa in Singapore, having been in the spa industry for almost two decades. Do you know? Each and every visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailor-made with immaculate customer follow-up provided throughout the entire spa experience.

Just last month, I dropped by Body Wellness at Winsland House for my Cytol Cell Facial Treatment.

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Our KKday adventure in Penang


It’s been about a month since our Penang trip, and there are still tons of photos to sort out for our travel posts on Project Weekends 😂

Basically, I just wanted to do a shoutout for KKday – a one-stop travel e-commerce platform in Asia that connects people to unique spots around the region! Being frequent travellers, Jem and I like to explore new places and gain as much insights as we can into the country we are in, so that we can in turn produce solid and quality travel pieces.

However, we are often stumped as to where to begin whenever we come across a foreign country we have never been to. Enter KKday, our newfound and current favourite go-to travel site!

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EZBUY: Our New Shopping Saviour


I’ve been online shopping for god knows how many years, and trust me when I say the prices of things online just keeps going up. I used to feel really pleased when I walk past retail shops like Zara, Topshop & Forever21, thinking “booooo so expensive, thankfully I can get a similar item online at about half the price”.

Then years passed, and suddenly the prices of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories online skyrocketed. I mean, they’re still cheaper than physical shops, but it’s no longer cheap.

I’m sure many ladies shop like me, and in recent years, the name Taobao keeps popping up. Raise your hands if you, like me, have heard of it but never shopped on it.

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Beat the haze: AIR⁺ Smart Mask


My first thought when I awoke last Friday morning: omg the house is on fire.

The air was thick and humid, and each breath I took got stuck in my throat, making it dry as hell. Good news? The house wasn’t on fire. Bad news? The bloody haze is back.

I could go on and on about how I hated our last haze period, and how I would love to torch down the country that caused this upon us, but I figured that would just add on to hazy situation.

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[Review] EstheClinic


Located conveniently near Tanjong Pagar MRT, EstheClinic is a French Aesthetics clinic that provides efficient and effective solutions for our highly distressed skin from hectic work schedules. Minimalistic yet cozy, step in and feel yourself melt and relax under the care of their professionals.

Widely recognized in France, EstheClinic was founded by Dr. Leone and Dr Boutboul, pioneers and catalysers of innovative technologies of aesthetic medicine for over 20 years. They created together the brand EstheClinic to make aesthetic medicine easily accessible to all.

I had the privilege to try out two of their latest treatments, which I am about to review!

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One Dream One Tree: My Double A Project

Double A 1

Last week, I was kindly invited to an intimate roundtable discussion with a few environmental enthusiasts, at Parkroyal @ Pickering. Aptly chosen location I would say, since it is renowned as Singapore’s hotel-in-a-garden.

Just a few words before I begin this post: I have been in this blogging sphere for about 3 years, and I must have spent copious amounts of time and effort in using my voice to speak about beauty, food, lifestyle and travel.

However, this is my very first post on the environment, and the first time I am speaking about ecological-related matters. I hereby proclaim myself to be an extreme noobcake in this area, so pardon me if my knowledge falls short or if I make a comment that may not sit well.

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[Review] TaraBliss Spa


The current surge in heatwave the past week – besides being insane – can cause our skin to suffer from dehydration, sun damage and hyper-active sebum glands, resulting in  a greasy appearance, open pores, breakouts and roughened skin.

No thanks to that!

Thankfully, about two weeks ago, I had the privilege of receiving the revitalising touch of TaraBliss that has kept me cool the last two weeks, in the face of the nasty scorching sun that Singapore never seem to be able to get rid of.

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[REVIEW] Chez Vous Salon – Hair Trilogy

Chez Vous 7

Award-winning Trilogy System suite of hair services was what I signed up for earlier this month, at Chez Vous Salon on Takashimaya Level 5.

Chez Vous boasts of a “Only Salon Directors Allowed” team of hair experts, with plush surrounds and top-level service to boot. They started out as a modest shop in Bugis Junction way back in 1995, and has now evolved into a luxurious 30-seater salon in the heart of Orchard Road. Did you know Salon Vim is their sub-brand? I never knew!

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The Proposal


So on that fine morning of 31st March – it was our third day in Korea – I was getting dressed as usual before he woke up, and when he finally got out of bed, he looked at me and asked,

“Are you wearing like this?”

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[REVIEW] HKCplaza Guerison Ultra Laser Machine


Korean make-up has been the hype for the longest time in Asia, and by now you should know that having good skin is the first step to having good make-up. After all, natural-looking make-up means you shouldn’t pile on the powder like your dad is the manufacturer of foundation.

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[REVIEW] Yun Nam Hair Care


When you hear the name “Yun Nam”, your natural first reaction and impression will be:

  1. Hair loss treatment
  2. Salon for old aunties

Right? Because that was what I had imagined Yun Nam to be too. Before I actually went to experience a Yun Nam deep-cleansing scalp treatment for myself.

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[REVIEW] Scinn Medical Centre


Had the opportunity to stop by Scinn Medical Centre sometime last month with Jem, for a short 45 min BBL treatment to rejuvenate our very tired skin from work.

Some of the treatments available at Scinn include CoolSculpting® for body contouring through fat freezing; BBL™ BroadBand Light for skin rejuvenation; as well as ultrasound procedure Ultherapy®, which lifts and tightens skin naturally.

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[REVIEW] D’Skin Stem Cell Facial Treatment


I think by now, we all know there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy ones. When I was in Korea for exchange last year (and the next 6 months after I returned back to Singapore), I was literally the vainest and the most hardworking girl in the world.

Can’t help it, Koreans are terribly conscious about image and the pressure – naturally – to have flawless and dewy skin inevitably got to me.

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How I Managed To Earn $24K From Part-Time Jobs As A Student

If you’re a youth, tertiary student or a young working adult trying to develop your career capital and achieve career aspirations in the near future, you may follow my “formula” to achieve a substantial amount of money that you can sit on when you’re in your early twenties.

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True Aesthetics: Babor Facial


BABOR is Germany’s pioneer professional skincare line, with almost 60 years of expertise. Founded by Dr Michael Babor, the brand uses only natural anti-ageing ingredients that are derived from plants. With over 1,000 reputed hotel and beauty spa partners (which includes St Regis Hotel and Emirates first-class cabins) around the world, you know you’re in good hands.

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HKCplaza: 7-in-1 Histolift Treatment


HKCplaza is one of the most renowned Korean skin aesthetic clinics in Singapore. With authentic Korean products and Korean staff manning their outlets, you know for sure what you’re getting: hands-on treatment from the country (only my favourite country in the world) that boasts of people with clear, glowing and flawless skin.

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PrettifyMe – The Nail Therapy
Coconut beach nails

I just came back from Krabi last week, and I wanna show off my nails a bit ok! So honoured to be the present ambassador of PrettifyMe, and I wanna share good news with you all, so read on!

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Tsubaki promotions in stores from 15 March 2015

Wanna wake up to good hair everyday?

TSUBAKI, launched in 2006, has been leading the hair care market in Japan. Recording a total number of shipments of over 270 million units, TSUBAKI is valued as a brand created to serve the beauty of women’s hair while enhancing the attractiveness of women.
– taken from their Facebook page

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For Beloved One: Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly

The concept of a ‘Red Wine Face Mask’ began some 10 years ago, when Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu, who once played the role of Shan-Tsai in the popular TV drama Meteor Garden, introduced it in her beauty book –  The Beauty Queen.

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Lush Aesthetics: LED Teeth Whitening review

Lush Aesthetics prides itself on using the latest LED teeth whitening technology that uses a non-peroxide gel and provides a quick, effective, painless and non-invasive solution for a bright white smile.

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D’skin: Oxygenating Treatment Facial

D’skin, one of the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore, has brought in Soft Plus, a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system. They are one of the first skin treatment centres to offer a pH level assessment.

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The Audacious Cakery @ Everton Park


About 2 weeks ago, I was invited to The Audacious Cakery for a tasting session. As you can see from the pictures above, the cafe is a quaint one tucked away in one corner of Everton Park.

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Dancing Chef giveaway winner


So I generated the names of the people who took part in my CNY giveaway last week (using miniwebtool’s random-name-picker, for those curious),

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ShopLila Mila

Top: upcoming on Lila Mila

The top I’m wearing here is launching soon. It’s comfy and non-sheer, so keep a lookout for it. The unique flare in the sleeves gives off a feminine vibe, and it looks totally Korean so I’m digging it!

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Mary Chia MU.VTIVATE: V-Face Activation Mist

MU V.TIVATE (V 提美) is a French-formulated mist spray that seeks to defy gravity, lift and hydrate skin in just 10 minutes! One spray on the face is all it takes to enjoy these four benefits…
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Sunsilk pop-up store @ Cathay Cineleisure
I shampoo and condition my hair, then end off with the leave-on, before blow-drying. The leave-on conditioner contains camellia oil, brazilian babassu oil, coconut oil, almond oil and moroccan argan oil. These natural oils penetrate the hair to nourish and leave a thin surface film to prevent moisture loss without weighing the hair down. It makes my hair soft and easy to smooth out the tangles, which I’m really grateful for because I already drop like a whole tonne of hair every wash and trying to battle with my tangles just makes it worse.
Can’t wait to get started on the pink range!
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